17th September 2002 Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? ;-)
In the process of putting together some skill defaults, adding the new skills that I missed from the careers section and looking at a new task system.
13th November 2001

Just a few tweaks to VNC this month. Removed the Bulletin Board system as the no one was using it (slow site huh? <g>) and the adverts got on my nerves.

Now for some more personal information - there's not been much activity on this site as my sister is no longer with us. She died in October following complications from a very bad motorcycle accident. I would like to stress to those of you in the United Kingdom, please give blood - the blood service always needs donors. It's not that painful! The number for UK information 0845 7 711 711 while appointments can be made on 0114 203 4902.

14th September 2001 Added in an optional rule for soft and hard types of armour. I'm also going to pull the bulletin board: firstly as no-one is using it (due to low site traffic) and secondly as Xorbit has now started to advertise. No more progress on the Computing section - I'm currently busy with other non-RPG stuff.
17th August 2001

Nothing new on the DA front, although I am still working on the computer section (honest!). I've also got some paranormal creatures to add to the Magic section (Slaugh, Krice and a few more).

I've added a Bulletin Board system to the web site for talk about Dark Age and the Fastpush script. It's an offshite YaBB forum. You can check it out here - but play nicely! :-)

8th August 2001 Added posthumans to the races available to player characters. Hmmm... must think about aging rules now.. DOH! :-)
3rd August 2001

Still adding Operating System ideas to the Computer section. I'm wondering if I need to adjust the amount of Resource Points available to computers. Hmmmm.....

I've updated the Races page to include some of the text I wrote for Barry Spiers (the artist who did the groovy illustrations). Hopefully, you'll get a better idea of what each race looks like and whatnot.

30th July 2001 Added a couple of links to Exit Stage Left and the VNC pages. Currently working on re-doing the Computer section.
28th June 2001 Moved the old dark age domain off FreeNetName to my current ISP (Force9). You can now get to all of these pages from www.darkage.co.uk. Update your bookmarks should I change my ISP at any point.
25th June 2001

Barry Spiers has kindly drawn some top quality illustrations for the new humans page. You can check out his site here - but please, don't steal this man's artwork (no matter how cool it is!).

I'm in the (slow) process of adding new spells to the Sorcery section. If you have any suggestions, email me (and please include a valid email address if you want a reply and a credit too).

14th May 2001 Still doing the spring cleaning at the mo. Tidying up the equipment pages and character generation. I still need to sort out the combat system, but that can wait for a while.
1st March 2001 Doing a bit of spring cleaning on the site (hence the new look).
21st February 2001

Well, it's not exactly been a hive of activity around here has it? ;-) No, updates since last August. I've been busy doing other things - and one of them is not updating this site. I've recently rekindled my efforts, so you should see more in the Equipment Chapter in a while.

25th August 2000

I've done some major restructing of the web site.Some of you may notice that I've split the site into chapters - I'm hoping that I can finish off major chapters of the game and add new things as necessary at a later date. You can find a list of the chapters here.

I've had a serious attempt at finishing off a number of key documents including the weapon section of the Cybernetics Chapter and I've had a tidy up of the rules on melee and the damage system in the Combat Chapter.

If anyone has any suggestions as to now I can improve the flow of the character generation pages, please let me know. I'm not after rules changes, but I am after your opinion if it's easy to follow the guidelines.

4th July 2000 Just a few tweaks so far.... I've updated the melee weapons section and been through the firearms sections bring damage scores in line with the last update on the damage system.
6th June 2000 Well, May shot by quickly. :-) I've finally finished the cyberware chapter and you can read it here. There are sections on neuralware, bioware, cyberlimbs, implants, skillware & neurosofts, armour, optics & audio and later on I'll get round to sorting out the cyberweapons.
24th April 2000 Finished work on some new spells for the magic system: Technomancy is here.
I'll be doing some more work on the cybernetic section later this month.
13th April 2000

Still working on the cyberware section (implants and cyberaudio should be up soon).
Just finished work on anew magic system. This should give some added flexibility to those of you who like magic to be a little more obtainable. Let me know what you think.

2nd April 2000

Updated the bioware section for the new rules and changed to colour scheme (so it's easier to print). Currently working on converting the rest of the cyberware book into HTML. So far, I've done a new and complete bioware section that has the entries from the old pages and the more recent cyberware text files I have.

Duh.... I've just noticed the site is over a year old. Must remember to buy a birthday cake. :-)

24th March 2000 Redone the character generation system. Hopefully you'll find it easier to make a character now.
22nd March 2000 Tweaked the Computers & Decking graphics and updated the rules.
14th March 2000 Added in some rules on Cyberlimbs which make use of last month's rules on HITS & STUN. The first release of the computer design and decking rules is out too.
10th February 2000 Added two new documents although both are still under work. There's a damage system and a file on melee combat. These are both under review so if you have any comments please email me.
4th February 2000 Just some tweaks to the web site this month. I've added a guestbook so I can get some feedback on what you'd like to see and there's now page of links.
I've been looked at the Fuzion system for supplying the rules for the Matrix campaign. I've found an excellent martial arts plug-in and now I'm looking at adding in some of the superpowers to emmulate bits of the film. Time will tell I guess.
20th January 2000 Added some ideas for a Matrix style campaign. I need to do some work on the "mechanics" of how it could work. I'll be adding some rules on martial arts ("I know Kung Fu?") and tricks for power users.
1st December 1999 Added armour, firearms and melee weapons to the equipment section. Jazzed up the title pages a little bit too. Thinking about a links page. Hmmm......
27th November 1999 Simplified the character generation system by adding the intelligence and quickness stats back. The base ratings remain the same.
Currently working on the equipment sections (tools, armour and weaponry).
15th November 1999 Added details about the UK: Grey & Unpleasant Land - The British Isles in Dark Age. I need to stop playing Half-life and do some more updates! :-)
22nd September 1999 Just cosmetic changes this month - I've ditched the black & green formatting for an easy-to-print black and white. I'm also working on some net-running rules which I'll post as soon as I can.
29th July 1999 Added a javascript character generation tool. You can use this to work out your character's characteristics (inc. stats, derived stats and base ratings).
4th July 1999 Added hot links to quirks and created master quirks listing. It should be easier to locate the quirk you want.
24th June 1999 How long is it since I updated this page? Sheesh! Well, I've tweaked the character generation process (changing the points to 100 on stats and 50 on career & pickup skills).

I've also altered the key characteristics (replacing intelligence with wits and memory). The skill bases have been altered to use averages as I found that bog standard NPCs (with 5 in each stat) were bloody useless!

4th April 1999 Added Magician Quirks to sorcery rules and tweaked Sorcery index page.
12th March 1999 Uploaded Sorcery rules and spells. More spells to follow when I get my backups working :-)
3rd March 1999 Added hit counter and hosted by Force9 Internet banner.
2nd March 1999 Added the revamped pickup skills section to character generation.
28th Feb 1999

Still messing around with the format of the web pages. At the moment I'm still working through the files bringing them to this kind of format.

1st Feb 1999 Upload basic parts of the web site.