Original Game System

Skill tests are :

skill base + skill (+/- mods) + luck + D10
Task Difficulty

Task difficulties are : Easy 10, Average 15, Difficult 20, etc

Variant Game System

Skill tests are :

Roll 2D10 and if under Skill Base + Skill (+/- mods) + luck = success!

Lowest Roll wins a contest


Double 1 is a critical success and can only be beaten with another critical success.

Double 0 is a fumble!

Stat Tests can be done on :

2D6 vs stat value. Double 1 is critical success and double 6 is always a failure regardless of the statistic or modifiers.

Luck System :

Add 1 to totals before roll costs 1 luck
Add 1 to totals AFTER roll costs 2 luck
Buy off a failure and roll again costs 4 luck
Buy off a fumble and roll again costs 6 luck
Upgrade success (!!) and consider it a critical costs 8 luck