The clothes and your personal style often speak volumes about yourself. For all races (especially the elves and most humans) appearance is a major consideration. Virtually everyone wants to look good and tastes vary from country to country. The appearance of the city inhabitants is heavily influenced by the city's environment.

Corporate cities have a high quality of life (if you're a corp) and for many of the white collar workers the need for personal security is unnecessary (not to mention outlawed) so the corporate business look is often all visitors will see. Light casuals break the flow when workers have the day off.

Most megasprawls however couldn't be more different with their harried police force, soaring crime rate and homeless problems. Life is not easy and wearing armour is second nature to many citizens. Most wear protective clothing styled to look like street fashion. Armour jackets with holo plastic coverings, stylized armour t-shirts or kev-weave trousers are common. Anything heavier than Kevlar is just asking for trouble from the cops. Below is listed the forms of clothing and a simple multiplier system is used to represent the cost of different styles. Remember, what ever your character wears should separate them from the crowd, making them an individual. Whatever they wear make sure its got their personal style written all over.

Clothing Costs

The price of clothing depends on where you buy and what quality it is. Designerwear will always cost more than off-the-peg clothes, but in many cases you get what you pay for.


Coat $40   Gloves $5   Shirt $10   Top $10  
Dress $25   Hat $5   Skirt $15   Trousers $20  
Footwear $20   Holster $7   Sunglasses $25   Underwear $2  
Glasses $50   Jacket $50   T-shirt $5   Uniform $30  

Multiply base cost by value in brackets below.