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Zero's and One's:
Computers and Hacking in Dark Age


A little bit about these pages and some books too.

System Design

How to build your system and how powerful a typical system is.
What interfaces are available, what free gadgets you get and other system options.
View the rough guide to file sizes so you can fill up your storage system.

Computer Systems

If you're stuck have a look at the example computer systems.


Applications to copy off your mate and programming languages to write your own.


Crackers, sniffers and remote control apps to help you... ummm... recover your lost admin password.


Counter-intrusion software and the various types of computer networks out there.


How difficult it is to break into a system; how to get administrator access and what to do with it!
There are also rules on what happens if you get sussed from traces to being kicked out of a system.