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With all the implants and technology around today, flesh and bone can be as easily modelled as clay. Beauty can be bought and off-the-shelf looks are common place nowadays. Still, not everyone wants to be blonde and blue eyed - there's always the Breed......


You can blame who you like, but most of us are hung up about the way we look. Needless to say, there are plenty of people out there who can help you look younger, fitter, prettier.... you name it, someone can do it.

The appearance stat is ranked in steps from: vileuglyaverageattractive and beautiful. You change appearance rating one step at a time and each step costs more and more. 

# Steps Cost ($) Clinic Time Perception
One 1,000 Two weeks 15
Two 3,000 Four weeks 20
Three 6,000 Six weeks 25
Four 10,000 Eight weeks 30
Five 15,000 Ten weeks 35

Example: Jo has an average appearance, for her to become beautiful would take two steps; that will take four weeks in a clinic and cost her $3,000. Anyone who knew Jo, must make a difficult [20] perception roll to recognise the "new" Jo.

Please note the above includes recovery time and the fees to stay in a clinic (either a high street or good black clinic). Prices increase should the patient want high class accommodation (+50%).


The perception heading on the table above, is the roll required to "spot" the person from who they were, to who the are now. That test should be modified depending on how well known the subject is. Perception, interview, or psychology skills could be used.


Hair can be added, removed, permanently coloured, or set at a length for $500. Male pattern baldness only affects the poor and women never go grey. Hair treatment takes the best part of a week, what with prepping and the grafts or cell implants being carried out. This includes head, facial and/or body hair.

Skin colouration can be changed from the person's exsiting colouration to any human standard colour (caucasian, afro-carribean, indian, chinese, etc) for $500. For a bit more cash ($800) a person can have flawless skin - no spots or wrinkles. UV resistant skin costs an extra $250 and reduces the need for sunblock (it darkens very slowly and does not burn). More exotic colours, such as deep red, snake patterns or shark skin cost $1000 or more.


Height can be increased, or decreased by up to six inches. Up to three inches means a minium visit of two weeks. Anything above that means paying an extra $2,000; four weeks in the clinic and no less than a step two biosculpt.

Mass can be increased with vat flesh implants, or removed with NSMs and or a laser knife (costs $500 per SIZ stat, minimum stay of a week). Muscles can be grafted on as per the bioware implants above.


You can look exactly like someone else if you wish. You can find copycats in gangs or as doubles for important people, etc. This costs the same as a step five biosculpt, ie: $15k and it takes ten weeks of work in a clinic. Obviously, common sense should come into play here, as there is no way a 4'4" woman could become a 6'6" meatboy.


A biosculpt can also change a person to look completely different. Pick a different ethnicity, hair and eye colour, height or weight. Use the table under beautification, note the perception value to "spot" someone for who they were originally.

Breed are the ultimate bodmod creations, they will use almost any biodecor they can afford. Becoming a breed costs $6,000 and takes six weeks. That would give you odd looking skin, weird eyes and new (feral) teeth. Something truly original, or just way out, would cost more, probably $10,000 and would take eight weeks to finish.

Necs, or vamps, are always beautiful, but they have vampire-esq implants to complete their look. It costs at least $6,000 to look like a Nec.  Spotting someone who is now a Nec or Breed is a difficult [20] perception task.


By law anyone changing appearance must contact the security services and update their SIN record. Failure to do this can result in a heft fine ($1,000 and upwards!), or in some countries, imprisonment (rarely, it costs to put someone inside).  Some people do risk it, though. Anyone on the run does not want to be found, so they will not update their records.

Finger prints can be blanked for $1,500, but only in black clinics. Retina patterns cannot be erased, but they can be altered by either having new eyes (!), or microsurgery ($2,000 and you're blind for a week). It is possible to change someone's prints to match another persons. For fingers (and toes), that's a week at $4,000. While, for eyes, it's $6,000 and two weeks in the clinic (plus you're blind until the surgery is healed).

It is possible to change a person's voice, although their accent will remain. This takes a week and costs $2,000, but a cybernetic voice box is a better and cheaper option.


Sex changes, or rather gender reassignment, is more common than in previous years. Whether this is just a biosculpt fashion, or a change in society's attitude, no one is sure. There are basically, three groups who wish to alter their sex; transsexuals, who feel the are in the wrong body or who wish to swap sex temporarily (!); Asex, who don't want to be of either sex; and Trix who want to be both.

Asex have their sexual organs and characteristics removed, ie: breasts, hips, beard or adam's apple. This takes $6,000 and means being in the clinic for eight weeks.

Trix are a mix of both sexes, but are not true hermaphrodites. Their surgery is more expensive, costing $8,000 but takes only eight weeks.

Sex changes are more complicated. All changes include a basic biosculpt which leave the individual with an average appearance for their gender. If the person already looked "suitable", this default appearance could be amended (ref's discretion). Otherwise, the patient will need further cosmetic surgery (see beautiful people, above).

Spotting a sex-change is a difficult [20] perception roll. This will be modified if they observer knew the person before the switch and how the target is acting/appears.

Transsexuals can choose to:

Unlike the sterile change, a fertile transsexual is completely male, or female, although genetically their sex is a "mismatch". There is, however, a known condition, where a person's genetic sex is not the same as their physical sex. It is very difficult to discern a fertile transex from a "natural" [coupled with a good biosculpt, most people would never know you changed sex].