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What is this file? Well, basically its a collection of rules and ideas that I threw together for a conspiracy-style game set in the Dark Age universe.
It makes a change from playing endless street samurai and besides how many other X files esq games are out there? Ever wonder why? :-)

You can have a lot of fun by tweaking a standard cyberpunk world. The rulebooks does not have magic in it, so it cannot exist in the game. A cyberpunk setting is frequently a hard science one, it only deals with "reality". But..... what is reality? Aren't we missing out on psychic juvegangs and Cthuga-powered plasma research?


new careers

You can use a lot of the typical Dark Age careers found on this site, but we've altered them slightly to fit the genere. 

Treat as Corporate  
Corporate Midman
Agency Assassin
A.k.a Corporate Hitter  
Forensic Scientist 
See below
Agency Technician
Treat as Corporate Technician  
See below
As in the careers book  
As in the Careers book  
As thrasher subtype "Pilot"
"Metro" for Interpol or Monarch  
Sentinel Op
As decker subtype
As Private Investigator or cop "detective".  
Special Ops
Black operations or SWAT - as soldier



You are not just a field agent, nor some doctor they have cajoled into examining the bodies. You are adept in collecting forensic evidence and analyzing it to find the suspect. You are a trained forensic scientist, able to examine the scene with Holmes' accuracy and thought. Your bloodhound air sniffer and portable sequencer are useful, but it is your training and detailed analysis of the scene that makes all the difference.

Skills: computer use, culture: agency, diagnose, facilities (medical or agency), forensics, medtech, perception, physiology, surgery (autopsy). Pick two of either: chemistry and pharmacy or genetics and biotech.

Common Quirks: Supercool or Cast Iron Stomach would be a good idea (My God man - The blood!). Concentration and maybe even Acute Visual Sense are also handy. Being good with people is useful, as you may need their help investigating a death.


You're the person they call when they need something obtaining. Obtaining, in the fact, that they don't have a warrant and it's locked away in a safe in a corporate tower block. Oh yeah, noone must know that someone has broken in to take it either. You have subperb breaking and entrying skills. Most theives learn theirs by trial and error. You? You had training in defeating the lastest security alarms and plenty of VR training on break-ins. You can't always just sprint up the stairs and a helicopter drop is unlikey.

Skills: acrobatics, athletics, climbing, culture: agency, perception, pick locks, electronics (type), secuirty, stealth, streetwise (type).

Common Quirks: Good infiltrators are very unobtrusive, in fact many of them have good disguise skills to hide their identity. A head for heights can be useful, but a net of contacts is invalueable.


new skills

Contacts: Agency:
Like the other contacts skill, you do not have to be a member of an agency to know someone on the inside.

This is the study of creatures of (urban) myth: Nessie, bigfoot, werewolves and other such things. In addition, a cyptozoologist will also know about animals who arrive in strange places; ie: alligators in the sewers or "fishrain".

Culture (Agency):
Similar to culture: corporate, culture: agency grants +1 to social tests per three full levels of culture.

Facilities <agency>:
This is an option for anyone current employed by the agency. The employee may use his, or her, influence to obtain services from the agency. Examples include citizen information; lab tests; transport or equipment.

This is a skill covering a wide range of topics. ESP and other "psychic" phenomenon is the main focus, although ghosts; mediumship; near death and out of body experiences are also covered.

The study of UFOs, aliens, abductions and the corresponding conspiracy theories that go with them.


Standard equipment


agent quirks

The quirks below must be taken by all agent characters.

Duty: Mostly, Firm (Six point flaw)
A duty to your patron organisation. Typically, this will only affect non-departmental investigations.

Icon (The Firm) (Two point flaw)
Your dress and body language may betray you as a member of a security service. In some instances you may be treated rudely (2 or less on a D10).

Legal Powers (Four point edge)
You may arrest subjects; apply for search warrants within your host country and carry a registered sidearm throughout Europe (corporate property restrictions apply). When outside the country of your juristriction, you must be on offical assignment to the host security services for your legal powers to still be valid.

Job (Two point edge)
You earn $600 per calendar month.

These basic quirks total to a two point gain. However, this is spent on equipment and perks from the agency.


optional quirks

Code of Honour: Cop (Four point flaw)
You remember the oath you took at the academy. In fact, you still stick to its standards. It is only our ethics that stops us from being just paycops.

Company Rank (Two+ point edge)
Gain company rank within the organisation at two character points per rank.

Library (Two+ point edge)
Either you own, or have access to, detailed files on a particular subject. These could include UFO reports; conspiracy theories; occult information or more mundane topics.

Special Ops (Six point edge)
Gained from those unreported black and grey operations. Gain +2 in demolitions; heavy weapons or sniping. Note, this quirk does not give you access this kind of equipment.


new quirks

Abducted (Two point flaw)
You remember being taken away somewhere. You don't know where or by who. You can remember bright lights and people (?) in medical gowns or environment suits leaning over you. The memories are very dream-like and sometimes you doubt it yourself. One thing you are sure of, is that we are not alone. You accept that not everyone will believe you. [NB: This quirks does not mean that aliens do exist, rather that you have been abducted.]

Cast Iron Stomach (Four point edge)
What is it with some people? They see a corpse or week old roadkill and they loose their lunch! Gore or hideous details don't faze you. You don't like it, but it's nothing to get worried about. You gain +2 to any fear or willpower checks involving gore or blood.

Missing Time (Two point flaw)
You disappeared for short time. You don't remember anything, although your the police say that you were gone for over a week. Sometimes you have strange dreams, but they make no sense.

Offically Dead (Four point edge)
Officially you do not exist; a body was buried (somewhere) and the right files completed and closed. You have no identity on the various computer systems. According to the SIN registers, you died. A trace run on you will only work 10% of the time (dead records are rarely searched). A direct search for your records has a 60% chance of success. However, because you do not exist, you will require a false ID in order to own property, a bank account or apply for a weapon permit. Of course, if you work for the government, this is less of a problem.

Occult Experience (Two point flaw)
In your past your were involved (or subjected to) an unexplainable event. You could have been: chased by a "monster"; possessed for a short time (which was attributed to post traumatic stress); or attacked by a poltergeist. Whatever the event, you were at a loss to explain it in everyday terms. It still troubles you from time to time.


background agencies

Originally formed in the early twentieth century to be an international criminal data collection agency. Interpol has seen it's name change to EuroPol and back again. In it's current form, Interpol still hands out data to requesting authorities, but it now has a number of branches within itself. Recently, european power and orbital interests have brought about the reestablishment of Interpol, as well as some new directorates. Interpol are useful in that they do not have any national interests which may hamper investigations. Sadly, it is this disregard for member states that can lead to friction with local police forces.

Allegedly, I-9 of Interpol, the Department of Paranormal Investigation has not been announced to actually existing. (it's not been denied either). The DPI deals with cults; ritual or serial killings and "preternatural" incidents. It's main job is to debunk alleged incidents and has many dealings with millenium madness. Most of it's work is very mundane, often revolving around cult tax frauds. Among paranoids the DPI swings between the "big bad guy covering things up", or the only agency after the truth. So far, no one has stepped foward with the right theory.

Scotland Yard's version of the DPI. Although much lower key, S19 has more political clout than the DPI (perhaps the Brits know something the euro's don't?). However, S19 is hampered in europe as it is not strictly part of Interpol. Unlike, the DPI, however, S19 does have some links with American law enforcement agencies (what's left of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the over-tretched Bureau of Narcotics and Firearms [formerly the BATF]).

SentinelSentinel has the thankless task of policing the Net. A number of international laws have increased it's power - especially those against copyright and software theft. Hacking and fraud depends on the country were the crime was committed and this remains a grey area. Sentinel has been accepted as the Corporate Council's and United Nation's agency of choice and many countries use it's Tiger Teams to tighten their network security (those that can pay AND who agree to Sentinel's legal rulings). Rumour persists of Sentinel's access to the old Echelon data tracking network (an old 21st century system that scans mobile and network traffic).

Civilian Intelligence Unit Five, created by a board of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist unit. CI5 deals with organised crime and sometimes co-operates with Interpol.

Robbed of public sector health and road building within the UK and Europe, the DHE deals with controlling "biological, genetic or toxic substances deemed hazardous to the general public".

Similar to NASA, the ESA runs the european's space missions and orbital habitats. ESA has it's own security divsion and Interpol liases heavily with them.

Monarch are a transnational who deals with corporate security problems. These can range from anti-trespass measures; internal affairs investigations; anti-espionage or other such "business" matters. Monarch are licensed to work fully with europe and are expected to work hand in hand with national law enforcement teams.