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What is Dark Age and what's been updated

An overview of the UK and the setting for Dark Age.
Playing Dark Age in a agency/conspiracy orientated setting.


Equipment book

Technical toys to kit out your character.
Ranged weaponry, melee weapons, clothing and armour are in here. Check the "extras" folder for funky new gear: like smartguns.

How to create a character

How to create a character in Dark Age.
This section includes details on characteristics, skills, the different types of human and numerous careers.



Cybernetic implants to bioware organs and bodysculpting.

Game mechanics

How the game systems works. This includes skill tests, alternative perception rules, close combat, damage system, special skill rules, skill defaults and alternative dice systems.


Computers & the Network

Networks, hacking, designer comps and computer design rules.


The occult in Dark Age - rituals and rules in here.
The main rules cover spells, rituals and the skills required.